Three River Cruises for the Wine Lover

River cruising is a relaxing way to spend a vacation. All-inclusive

River cruising is a relaxing way to spend a vacation. All-inclusive packages get you to your destination and back, and your only job is to sit back, enjoy the scenery, food and drinks. If you’re a wine aficionado, then you may be interested in cruises tailored to your favorite beverage. Following are three cruises for you.

Wine Country in Portugal and Spain – DouroAzul

Hop aboard the Queen Isabel, and you’ll find yourself on a trip through the best wine of Portugal. Starting in Lisbon, for the next eleven days, you’ll follow the Douro through Portugal to Spain. Along the river, you’ll explore the beautiful terrain and small villages. You’ll also experience multiple vine-laden hillsides, home of the Duas Quintas vineyard.

While on board, each meal is prepared for you and includes unlimited access to fine wine. Local entertainment is available each day. There are a total of eight days of excursions along the route, which include UNESCO World Heritage cities and a stop in Pinhão, the epicenter of Port wine.

From Paris to Côte d’Azur – Avalon Waterways

If the previous trip seemed a bit short, the sixteen day cruise between Paris and Côte d’Azur may be more appealing. On this cruise, you’ll have no shortage of experience as you sail the Seine into Normandy, visiting Conflans and Rouen. Historical excursions abound, and the hardest part will be choosing which ones you wish to experience.

Next, your cruise will take you back to Paris, where you will disembark and travel to Beaune, south of Paris. Here you will experience a wonderful wine tasting, where an expert will guide you through the various tastings. Afterwards you will board again and travel along many more cities to end up in Côte d’Azur.

If you thought the trip seemed short on wine, fear not. During the cruise, wine experts will come aboard to teach you about wine and give wine tastings. Each dinner features special food and wine pairings with a regional wine. Even breakfast comes with a sparkling wine. You’ll no doubt fine a new experience waiting.

Bordeaux, Cadillac, Libourne, and More – Viking Cruises

Other wine cruises may be put to shame by this lovely tour given by Viking. Highlighting the rolling hills along the Aquitaine, you’ll find vineyards that produce favorites such as Margaux, Pomerol, and Sauternes. The trip starts in Bordeaux and then moves to Cadillac, where experts make a variety of dessert wines. Next up is Libourne, with its historical 16th century buildings and its famous truffles.

The coup de grace may be in the last city on the tour, Pauillac. A whole afternoon of wine country touring and tasting is available to you. Pauillac is the home of Médoc wine.

Taste Away

The best river cruises are those which appeal to you in length, amenities, and sites. Choose which one you fancy from the above or the many other available cruises. Your palette will thank you.

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