Planning a River Cruise and What to Know Before You Go

For many people, planning a river cruise can be incredibly exciting.


For many people, planning a river cruise can be incredibly exciting. It’s fun to look at all the destinations the person can choose from and try to figure out the perfect one to take. Once they decide on where they want to go, however, they’re going to need to start preparing for the cruise. This way, they can be sure that by the time the day to leave arrives they’re going to be completely ready to go and ready for anything that can happen. Before you go on one of the European river cruises, be sure to read these tips about how to prepare.

Choose the Right Cruise to Match Your Dreams

cruise-dreamsThe first thing a person will want to do is read up on the various cruises that are available. They can choose to cruise down the Danube, the Elbe, the Volga or the Yangtze River. They also have a variety of other options depending on the locations they will want to visit. It’s a good idea to read any pamphlets or articles about each of the cruises they’re considering so they can get an idea of what their experience will be like. This can help them choose a river cruise that’s going to be right for what they want.



Make Sure Your Passport is Updated

passport-931882_1280Before doing anything else, the person should check the expiration date on their passport. It can take a while for the passport to be updated, so it’s best to ensure it’s updated before they book their cruise. No one wants to have to cancel their cruise simply because they forgot to update the passport and it expired before the cruise left the first port.



Book the Cruise for the Dates You Want

cruise-calendarOnce the person knows where they want to go and they are sure their passport is updated, they can go ahead and choose the date they want to go on the cruise. It’s important to be careful when choosing a date as extremely dry or rainy seasons might mean the cruise will not be able to go down the river and the person will have to travel by coach instead. This is still a fun vacation, but it’s not a cruise so it’s something many people will want to keep in mind.



Check Booking Information and Meet Others on the Cruise


After booking, the person should receive confirmation of their booking information. There are websites they can go on at that point to meet up with other people who are going on the same cruise. This gives them a chance to chat with others who have been on the cruise before, who are going for the first time, or who may have similar interests. It’s always fun to make a new friend to meet once the cruise begins.



Purchase Travel Insurance

insurance-on-cruiseOne thing a person will want to consider is purchasing travel insurance before they leave. If there is an emergency and they cannot go on their vacation, they will be able to get most of their money back again. Without travel insurance, the money might not be refundable if something happens a day or two before the cruise is going to set sail.



Consider Any Extensions

While a person is making sure they have all of the travel arrangements made and they’re looking into travel insurance, they may want to consider extending the vacation. If they’d like to see more of the first or last stop on the cruise, they can look into special extensions arranged by the cruise company. These extensions can add on to the cruise and allow the person to see the city a little bit more in detail before the cruise leaves or after it returns.

Make Sure Any Questions are Answered

Once the vacation is fully planned, the person will want to ensure any of their questions are answered. They may be able to find a lot of the answers online or get help from those they meet that have already been on a cruise in the past. If they cannot find the answers they need or want a quick reply they can contact the cruise line they booked with. The cruise line will be happy to answer all of their questions and ensure they are prepared to go.

Start Packing Everything You’ll Need

The last thing the person will need to do is start packing. There are many packing lists online they can get inspiration from if they have never been on a cruise before and aren’t sure what to pack. It’s important to ensure the pack everything they will need, but be careful not to overpack. Many people prefer to create a list of all of the items they’re going to need. This could include clothes, toiletries, medications, cameras, entertainment, and more. At this time, it’s also a good idea to find a house or pet sitter if one is going to be needed while the person is gone. They can also schedule the mail or newspaper to be stopped, ensure their grass will be cut, and more at this time.

By following these river cruise tips, anyone can get ready to go on one of the fantastic river cruises. They’ll be able to ensure they are fully prepared and there won’t be any surprises before they leave. This way, once they have set sail, all they’ll need to do is relax and enjoy the scenery, excursions, food, and more. Take the time to make sure you’re fully prepared so you’re all set when the day to leave arrives.

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