Choosing European River Cruises: 5 Things To Consider

European river cruises are a relaxing way to spend a vacation.

European river cruises are a relaxing way to spend a vacation. Touring the beautiful countryside and the continent’s most spectacular places while dining in luxury was something previously reserved for royalty. Now, everyone can enjoy all that Europe has to offer. The hardest part is choosing which of the cruises to take. Here are five things to consider.

Cruise Length

One of the first things people may need to decide is the length of their vacation. How much time off do you have? How much do you want to spend cruising? Cruises can be a few days to a few weeks, so you’ll need to carefully consider your options.

Some people find that after a week away, they’ve had about enough. Others could go on forever. Have you ever been on a long vacation before? Did you feel it was too long, too short, or just right? Make sure to consider this carefully so you maximize your enjoyment.

Time of Year

An important point is asking what kind of weather would you like to cruise in? Obviously, if you’re looking for some sun, choose summer months, but maybe you like the cool of the autumn or the beauty of the spring. This one also goes well with the next consideration.


Perhaps most important for travel lovers, you could consider a place you haven’t visited yet. Where have you always wanted to visit? Is there something you’ve always wanted to see? There are cruises of all types to all kinds of amazing places, so search for cruises in places you would like to visit and see what comes up.


Choosing amenities can be difficult, so try to find out what you really have to have versus simply want to have and make a list. Most ships will offer a full variety of beverages, but are you looking for a fitness studio? What kind of a room would you like to stay in? Maybe you’re looking for some place to relax and read on board, or perhaps you’d like to have some time at the spa. These all vary by ship and operator, so find out what matters to you, and search for cruises that will tailor to those needs.


Are you part of a special community or looking to join one? Find out by searching for special interest cruises. You may be surprised by what you find. There are cruises for wine lovers, golfers, authors, history buffs, and more!

Hopefully, this helps you think of some ways to choose your next cruise. The best river cruises are those which appeal to your interests, so make sure to put some time into planning!

Enjoy Your Cruise!

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